I will be your special education consultant

be your special education consultant

About This Gig

Is your child receiving special education services or being recommended for a special ed. evaluation? The process of education can be challenging to understand as a parent. The educational system can be even more challenging for parents to understand when their children have learning disabilities. I am a veteran teacher, certified in Special Ed. and administration who will thoroughly explain the Special Ed. process and the rights for families of children with learning disabilities. 

This gig includes:
  1. Providing answers to your questions
  2. Proofreading documents. *does not include me doing any assignments or coursework for you.

I will answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your rights as parents, next steps, what to ask for and demand at a PPT and your right to refuse consenting to evaluations and referrals for special ed. There is no need to feel alone as you navigate this process, my goal is to fully prepare you to attend a special education meeting at your child's school. If you are not willing to pay the cost of this gig, how serious you are about getting quality work done?
***Please not this gig does not include doing your assignments or coursework.

Order Details

Prepare you for a SPED meeting.

I will answer questions before going to a PPT, IEP or 504 meeting and proofread documents.

5 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need answers immediately?
    Please specify that with your purchase of the gig, I check my account a few times each hour. The Fiverr alert goes to my phone and I can reply as quickly as needed.
  • What if we have additional questions after our session and our meeting at our child's school?
    I will entertain several questions as a follow up after your meeting.
  • Should I hire an attorney or advocate?
    It depends on the circumstances of your child's case. Most people will hire because they feel that they do not know what to say. They also feel that they need to answer every question the school asks them. Buy a gig from me and we can discuss your best options based on your circumstances.
  • Special Education is a legally binding confidential issue, how will you protect our information?
    I do not want any personal information specific to you or your child. However, in some cases I may require the school district so I can review what they offer for example: If there is Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy onsite at the school etc.