I will be your referral Paid or Active for $5

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/ 2 Days On Average
be your referral Paid or Active
be your referral Paid or Active

About This Gig

I will sign up as a paid referral so that I will sign up via your referral link and make a purchase  or stay active so that you get commission.

*1 Order =>> $2 for signups.
*2 Orders =>> $4 for signups.
*3 Orders =>> $8 for signups..
*4 Orders =>> $12 for signups.

If your signup requires me to pay higher, please contact me to get a quote on it.

I can also signup multiple times

I am willing to do sign-ups which require offer completion but this may take a little longer to complete than a regular paid signup.

*I will be your active referral for any sites that don't require any payment from me and will continue to actively participate in whatever it is that your link sends me to.

If your site requires payment from me then I will make the payment but won't remain as active as I would if your site was free.

*I will not sign up to adult/porn sites
*I will not sign up to sites I deem as 'scams' for your own sake.
*I will not sign up to those 'instant rewards' offers sites.
*I will not sign up to ongoing subscription sites.
*Free gift with gig orders

Contact me if you need any adult/porn, instant reward offer websites, ongoing offer or any other offers.