I will interview you for a Spanish Website, I Translate

interview you for a Spanish Website, I Translate

About This Gig

Regards; Are you an Artist? (musician, painter, writer, poet, model, a band, tattoo artist, etc...) 

I will interview you on my artist blog! Simple as that!, try me :)
I will send you the English questions, then you send me your answers in English, and I'll take care of the rest! 

Is going to be 7 questions. If you do not know Spanish, No Problem!
I'll translate it on Spanish.

Good for those on the industry who want to have some presence on Latin-Hispanic Community. 
No matter what style of music, what style of writing, actor(actress), painters, models, activist, tattoo artist, etc all are welcome! I will check your links and I'll elaborate the questions.

-I just need a good picture
-a link for a Bio
-all your social medias (if you have your own website is a good plus, but not necessary)

I will deliver in ONE day after you send me back the answers, for real (I put an average of 3 days, depending on your time for response), can be on wordpad, or notepad or simple send it via here, clearly as possible. You will have a 'perma-link', it will be always on the site... All that for just $5

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anyone who work on something related to the community can be featured here?
    Yes, you can. All people from the media.
  • I do not speak Spanish.
    No problem. I will translate all your answers.