I will do a Exorcism to Remove Demons and Spirits

do a Exorcism to Remove Demons and Spirits

About This Gig

My Method:

I use a method called energy dowsing to clear out energy's and I get assistance from Archangels & Ascended Masters to help me remove these spirits.

My spirit releasement team:

  • Archangel Michael is the leader among archangels.
  • Archangel Raphael is a powerful healer of physical bodies.
  • Kuan Ti is a prophet who protects people from lower spirits.
  • Melchizedek he balances and harmonizes all energies.
  • Santa Kumara he banishes darkness in the mind of men and spirits.
  • Solomon is a wise old sage who sees all and knows all.

They assist me in clearing and the removing of spirits and in the healing of their effects.

Here is what I will do for you:

  • Check how many demons and entities you have
  • Remove the demons/entities
  • Remove the effects the demons/entities had on you

How I Deliver: 

I deliver the gig by writing you a report on what I removed. Since I use the pendulum to check how many entities you have and clear them by doing pendulum dowsing don't ask me what is the names of the entities or who cursed you. It is almost impossible to tell that with a pendulum.

(Please note: This gig is only for one person. If you want me to clear more than one person please buy multiple gigs.)