I will extract data from the web for you

extract data from the web for you

About This Gig

Are you in need of data(entry), or are you checking certain sites on a daily basis?
With the personal Guidance of me (Mr Scrapezilla), we can automate your daily work. Just 
send me a message first so we can look at the possibilities.

Why is this timesaving?

  • Receive emails instead of surfing websites over and over again
  • Automatically Watch changes on a webpage.
  • Automatically Watching prices.
  • Automatically Search across multiple sites at once.

Why do people like my service?

  • Keep an eye what really matters to you.
  • Save time with automation.
  • Get notified about webpage changes asap.
  • Get ahead of your competitors.
  • No software, just human communication


  • Basic (one-time) collecting of data: 5$
  • nonstop collecting of data + notifications: 5$ monthly
  • extra datasource: +5$
  • exotic request: + ? $ (contact me)

Order Details

10 days delivery