I will rewrite your gig description in perfect American English

rewrite your gig description in perfect American English

About This Gig

There's nothing worse than being really good at something and not being able to market those talents. That's why Fiverr is so great!

But if you're having trouble getting consistent orders or happy customers, chances are the description of your services isn't clear enough. Language barriers can account for a lot, and a slight miscommunication can quickly become a seller's worst nightmare.

For $5, I will rewrite your gig description in clear, concise, perfect American English. You can even give me directions. So what will it be: Professional? Personable? Silly? No-nonsense? No problem! I'll take your basic information and concoct a concise, compelling description that will have customers flocking to you- and best of all? I'll do it in under 48 hours!

  • One gig = 600 words (or half of the max gig description length). For a full-length description, order two gigs.
  • I will not translate your original gig listing. 

As with all of my work, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any questions or a special request, please feel free to message me prior to ordering!

Thanks for looking, and happy giggin'!
Cady, MsAlwaysWrite