I will give you a professional astrology reading

give you a professional astrology reading
give you a professional astrology reading

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Description 10-minute Astrology reading 20-minute Astrology reading 30-minute Astrology reading
  An overview of how your sun, moon and rising signs affect your personality. A detailed explanation of how your chart determines your behavior and relationships with others. How your planets and signs in their respective houses motivate your behavior and decisions.
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About This Gig

I am a professional astrologer from New York City with an insatiable passion for the art of translating the language of the stars, and how using the energy of the planets can enhance our personal health and happiness.

If you purchase one of my gigs and provide me with the necessary information I'll need (birth date and time, name, and geographical location of birth), I will calculate your birth chart and send you an mp3 voice recording of my reading. My reading will provide you with a little more insight to help you understand yourself and your journey and purpose on this Earth.

In a 10 minute reading, I'll give you a detailed description of how the signs in your sun, moon and ascendant inform your personality and motivations. 

In a 20 min. reading, I'll dive deeper into how all of the signs in each of your individual planets inform your desires both professionally and romantically. 

In a 30 min. reading, I'll describe in great detail how the relationships between your signs, planets and their respective houses make you who you are!