I will tasks in Excel with 18 years proffesional Experience

tasks in Excel with 18 years proffesional Experience

About This Gig

Unless you have a really simple request PLEASE Contact Me with the details BEFORE ORDERING this gig in order to avoid misunderstandings so I can give you a fair quote. I reserve the right to CANCEL all orders that don't follow this easy rule /unless you are a regular buyer and ordering the same process as before or have a simple task for $5/.  Thanks so much for your understanding!

I always answer. If not, consider me DEAD. :)

- Formula (even creating custom ones), function

- Pulling specific web content (not mass scrape – ask!)

- Reorganizing data from the web to csv format

- Button, drop-down, form

- Export /import CSV

- Convert any file to Excel (PDF, Word, scanned, etc.)

- Word mail merge (label, etc.)

- Invoice and company quote template

- Dedupe : removing duplicates from data

- Chart and graph

- Converting normal PDF to excel (5 pages)

- Converting scanned PDF or pictures (2 pages) because I need to write them manually to excel

- Create up to 5 excel formulas for $5.

- Fix errors such as #DIV/0!, #N/A, #REF!, #VALUE!, ...
- Get data from MS Access
- File format conversations(PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image)

What I don't to? Excel built-in Pivot Tables & manual data mining

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1 day delivery