I will give you references and citations

give you references and citations
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

About This Gig

I will help you with your research paper or report for $5.  Writing a good paper starts with good references.  I will help you find good solid references you can use to write your paper with confidence.  I will review your needs and send you 7 references with citations.  I'm a writer w/ multiple degrees in Bus. Admin. & Mgmt. w/ 30 yrs creative & academic writing; dissertation focus on knowledge management.  With so much information available, finding the right content may be difficult and time consuming.  Haven't had a moment or just need additional information, well I can help you with that!  I have over 100 nonfiction books on hand and access to hundreds of other books to assist us with your project.  If you have special instructions please inform me before your purchase this gig, so that I can find the best material your need.  PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE THIS GIG.  My expertise is customer service and communications; Communication is Key!   

For your $5 FIVERR – 1 word document containing 7 citations in your chosen format and the 7 associated complete reference articles in PDF formats.    

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