I will offer advice as your personal business consultant

offer advice as your personal business consultant

About This Gig

Need a business consultant? I'm a business professional and graduate.  I'm experience in organizational and workforce management, communications, program and project development.  I'm also an excellent Customer Service Professional.  For references you are welcome to search me for credentials.  I have access to vast amounts of information and knowledge with the opportunity and ability to offer assistance where I can.   


For your $5 FIVERR you'll receive a minimum 500 word response, including additional content.  I'm offering assistance as a consultant, but your business results solely rely on the time and effort you put into it with all the internal tools you have and the external tools you receive. I help you find those tools that may work for your business. 

Each person and business have different needs.  You will receive what I perceive to be the best information you may need to move forward; which could be any thing from but not specific to, an analysis, affiliates, contacts, links, strategic plans, business forms or spreadsheets.  My mission is to always provide excellent customer service.  ADD A GIG EXTRA to compliment your initial $5 purchase.