I will give You Your Mayan Astrology Galactic Signature for $5

give You Your Mayan Astrology Galactic Signature
give You Your Mayan Astrology Galactic Signature

About This Gig

Aloha! WildFlower here......  For $5, I will give you your Mayan Astrology Galactic Signature.  This represents the energy surrounding your birth, is directly decoded from the great circular Mayan Calendar and describes in a poem what you life purpose is.

This will help you:

- Know Yourself Better

- Have Greater Understanding of Your Natural Tendencies, Emotions and Inclinations

- Find a Stronger Sense of Inner Peace

- Bring Balance Back to your life

- Decode Your Life Purpose

- Have Greater Synchronicities Occur In Your Life.

- Live More In The Present Moment

- Live In Harmony With Yourself and Your Emotions

- Know How To Plan Your Daily Life To Maximize Your Happiness and Effectiveness

- Improve Your Relationships with Others By Having a Deeper Understanding Of Your Own Needs

As a internationally renowned Psychic Medium, WildFlower– the founder of “WildFlower Institute” – combines ancient wisdom with practical techniques that make sense for today’s fast paced world.  She has appeared live with the Psychic PanelTM, Kathryn Harwig, The InnerSpirit Circle®, at the Edge Expo, she has been interviewed by numerous media outlets.

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