I will do 1 hour of bookkeeping for you

do 1 hour of bookkeeping for you
do 1 hour of bookkeeping for you

About This Gig

You don't have to burden yourself, take some time off, go out with your family, hangout with your friends.

How is that possible???

simple answer: "OUTSOURCE"

I shall provide quality bookkeeping services and manage your accounting record. 

My priority is your satisfaction. In the spirit of trust and honesty let me tell you that I won't charge a nickel if you are not satisfied. 
Let me be open and honest, I am new to fiverr but you need to take a step to start a journey. 
But my being new on fiverr does not mean I am new to accounting. I have three years of accounting auditing and booking experience. I am also a certified accountant so you rest assured that you are dealing with a professional, you will find that the services and level of skills I am offering are second none. I hope you give me a chance and we can mutually benefit each other.

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I shall provide my bookkeeping services on hourly basis.

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a qualified accountant?
    Yes, I am graduate of commerce and business studies. Also i have "Certificate in Accounting and Finance" issued by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.
  • How much experience do you have in accounting and bookkeeping?
    I have been working with an auditing firms for almost 3.5 years nw, during my work I have been assigned to different client, where I have was charged with the responsibility of Statutory Auditing, sometimes Bookkeeping and Internal Auditing and often have performed compilation services.