I will help you to lose fat and gain muscle

help you to lose fat and gain muscle

About This Gig

Hi! I'm here to save you some time, effort and money.

I help over 20 persons per week in a gym 
as a personal trainer & nutritionist to improve their bodies in shortest time possible.
I work with all types of clients in every age-groups (15-70), from beginners to fitness / bodybuilding competitors.

The diet and workout plan I create is always personalized for the best result, based on your:
- goal(s)
- gender
- age
- weight
- current level (beginner / advanced / pro-athlete)

Here is a little insight for beginners:
* Using a professional diet plan, you don't have to starve when losing weight.
* Calories are not that important as you may think!
* You can eat even in the middle of the night, the key is good food choice!
* A proper diet is much more important than training if your goal is to get 6-pack-abs!
* Usually a relatively short, intense workout is the best choice!

Even the smallest good changes in your diet or workout can improve your appearance in a short time!

The basic pack ($5) includes:
- customized diet plan
- customized workout plan
- answers to your questions
- some extra tips!


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Basic package

Diet plan + workout plan