I will perform wire shark, wireshark networking task

perform wire shark, wireshark networking task

About This Gig

Networking is one of my strong skills, and I would be able to assist you in almost whatever you need.
Any networking assignments, tasks, numericals, or projects can be solved. The following are the listed topics I can best assist you with:

1. Tracing packets
2. Generating packets using any protocol
3. Create charts, graphs, and packets information fetching.
4. Analyzing packets for answering the required questions
5. finds out needed data
6. CCN tasks
7. Subnetting
8. Diagrams drawing
9. Creating diagrams/blocks/lists for LANs, WANs etc
10. Fixed Length IP address subnetting
11. Variable Length IP address subnetting
12. Performing wireshark tasks
13. Analyzing and generating packet using wireshark
14. Networking programming In high level language like java, python etc.
15. Topics including OSPF, DHCP
16. Any questions related to calculations. 

If you think, anything you require is not mentioned, do contact.