I will convert your photograph into a digital painting

First time requesting this kind of gig. I am very Happy with the end results. Will keep coming back over and over again. Thank you Muhammmadaks.
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convert your photograph into a digital painting
convert your photograph into a digital painting
convert your photograph into a digital painting

About This Gig

I'll make a Digital Painting from your picture.
Your photo will be used directly for this conversion, so please send me a good photo, with proper color definitions, little or no distortions, and proper light values. Only then will the painting turn out well. 

  1. Portraits (head and shoulder) preferred, but if the overall scene is worth a painting, it can be done as well. But scenic details take more time, and thus will cost more (according to the details required) 
  2. Multiple figures are welcome (5$ for each figure)
  3. Send me head shot photo, from the front and good quality (min 300 dpi)
  4. Don't send : Blurred, overcast, night shots, Partially covered face, eg covered by hand or objects.
  5. Don't send me your photo that cuts off around the head, because your painting will be cut off too.
  6. Please note that the picture you send is something you have the rights to modify. If it infringes any laws, or someone else's right to privacy, I will decline it. If it happens that I am unaware of any such infringement, I cannot be held responsible in any court of law.

The quality of your best photos determine the best results as well.

if you like my gig, please share with your friends and family.

Thank you.

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2 days delivery