I will design an awesome business card

design an awesome business card
design an awesome business card

About This Gig

I'll design awesome business cards for you. 
A card is what you leave behind with your potential clients to remind them of you. A card will be your representative in your absence. Make sure it does its job correctly. I will help you make sure of that :) 

  1. For best outcome, I will need to know about your business so that I may portray it best in the design.
  2. If there are already existing design elements, like color scheme, and logos, I will require them so that I may compliment those elements in my design in best possible way.
  3. Making a vector portrait based card is NOT what this gig is about. But if you want that, you can order it as an extra. (You'll have to send a photo of yourself in this case)
  4. If you want your logo placed on the card, send me a proper file in .png, .tiff, .eps, or .psd formats with background removed. Redrawing a logo is NOT a part of this gig. Again, you can order it as an extra.

The quality of our seamless and transparent conversation will yield the best results as well.

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Thank you.

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2 days delivery