I will become your social media manager

become your social media manager

About This Gig

Fb, twitter and the like are a person's or business' platform for fame. So why not take advantage of this wonderful gig!

I charge by the hour so This will be really awesome!

Even if I charge by the hour, I will assure you will be able to get your money's worth!

As  media manager, I will be:
1. Posting whatever you want me to post on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, google+ or any other platform, with proper hashtag!

2. Interact with your followers. in order to be famous, you will be needing a solid group of followers. They will definitely stay if you interact with them. As your manager, I will be the one to interact with them by replying to their comments or messages.

3. Managing your blog and other social media pages!

Plus, you will also get a full report of what I did for the number of hours that you bought.

About me:
I have experiences in 
social media marketing. I was a social media manager of a certain important person and right now, I am managing my personal blogs.