I will stop abuse of your email from spammers

stop abuse of your email from spammers

About This Gig

Many spammers are misusing your email without you knowing it.

Let's say you have a domain name called "myadomain.com" and an email address on it "me at myadomain.com". Spammers can send other people emails from this email address and recipients may assume them legitimate emails from you. The replies to those emails would go to spammers' given any email addresses. This is extremely dangerous as they can do any fraud in your name.

How to stop spammers?
The email industry has come up with a solution called DMARC which uses SPF and/or DKIM to make sure that no one can misuse your email address and all the emails sent by you are legitimate and don't fall in SPAM folder while spammer's email from your email address gets destroyed before it reaches the recipient.

I'll setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC to secure your email from spammers and increase its deliverability.

  • This gig is for custom domain email addresses only and is not for gmail, yahoo or hotmail email addresses
  • Please contact me first before placing an order

100% security and satisfaction guaranteed!