I will proofread 2,000 words of any text

proofread 2,000 words of any text

About This Gig

I've always had an extremely strong grasp of the English language including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I have been writing and editing professionally for over five years.  I have worked on everything: eBooks, blog posts, website content, biographies, product reviews, resumes and cover letters, presentations, speeches, you name it.

The sheer amount of horribly written content on the Internet is enough to make anyone above the 5th grade cringe, and that's why I want to offer my proofreading services to anyone who needs help.

I truly want your work to be as polished as possible before you unleash it on innocent, unsuspecting souls around the world. Simple mistakes can easily kill your credibility (and readability) no matter how great the idea behind your content may be.

This gig is for one round of proofreading.

I look forward to working with you!

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1 day delivery