I will make ten bad pun pickup lines using your topic

make ten bad pun pickup lines using your topic

About This Gig

I will create 10 original pickup lines using bad puns using a topic of your choice. I will find words within your topic and create bad puns that you can use or not. I don't think any of them will probably work but it's worth it for a laugh. Thanks!

Here's some musical ones:

Trust me, you don't want hymn, you want mi-mi-mi

I couldn't refrain myself from coming over here to talk to you.

Darling you are so suite!

There's about tenor so minutes before I have to leave, but I had to
say there's no one that can beat you in beauty!

I don't mean to be drumatic, but I love you!

There must be some cymbalism that we are both here and now!

I love you with all my harp!!

Accordion to me, you are beautiful!


I want a girl that's down to earth, but that's Toph to find nowadays, and I'm glad I have you cause I'd be blind without you.

Irohte you an invitation for you...did you get it? It was for a tea party..

Wanna tie the knot, like a bo lin knot?

Don't miss this Appatunity girl!

Writing puns is my favorite thing to do.....I will write originals, meaning not copied from anywhere. You can look them as well to make sure! These are not meant to work by the way...so good luck!

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