I will help conduct a survey with 100 people

help conduct a survey with 100 people

About This Gig

I will personally help conduct a survey for you aimed at 100 people for $5. The survey should be able to be completed in less than 10 minutes, and you must provide a survey link (contact me if you need some directions). Shorter surveys will get quicker answers. I can do some location restrictions (based on country), but this often slows down the rate of responses, and in some cases, this may make it difficult to get 100 responses within 29 days. Please be considerate of this when ordering. It is always better to contact me first, as there are restrictions to the types of surveys I can handle. This includes anything requiring email addresses (although optional email input is okay).

Order Details

100 responses

100 responses, up to 29 days response time. Usually closer to two weeks for short surveys.

29 days delivery