I will format your book for Kindle Direct Publishing

format your book for Kindle Direct Publishing

About This Gig

CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING, and I will provide a quote customized to your needs. It works best if you provide the file in question for me to look over. Most ebook projects have special considerations and prices must be quoted prior to placing an order.

I am extremely proficient at formatting books for Kindle, and have published well over 200 titles for clients and myself.

This gig is for reflowable books only. (If you don't know what that means, it probably isn't a large concern.) I can help with certain types of fixed layout books, but please contact me with your project details first.

The basic $5 gig covers up to 20 pages in Word. No major image adjustments are included.

Extras will be included to allow for additional pages, image adjustments, etc.

Turnaround will generally be much quicker than 14 days.