I will help you start a sports blog and build a following

help you start a sports blog and build a following
help you start a sports blog and build a following

About This Gig

Many think that in order to become a sportswriter, they must first go through four years of journalism school. Does that help? Sure, but it's by no means a requirement -- many people in online sports media actually didn't study journalism during their college years. 

Starting a blog and building your following as a sportswriter both seem like daunting tasks, but it's not when broken down into simple, small steps you can take to achieve your goal. 

In this ebook, you'll learn:

-- Focus in on the perfect niche to magnify your skills. 

-- How to start a blog from scratch.

-- The importance of building a successful content strategy.

-- How to establish and grow a social media presence. 

-- How to take your blog to the next level.

-- Taking your credibility as a writer to the next level.

-- Turning your passion into profit as a legitimate career. 

I went from creating a small baseball blog and having no "formal" journalism training to becoming a contributor to places like FanSided, Bleacher Report and Yahoo! Sports. I achieved my goal of being a full-time editor/sportswriter within three years, and have generated over 10 million page views throughout his five-year writing career. 

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Sportswriting 101 Ebook

You will receive a six-chapter ebook detailing how to get started and become a legit sportswriter.

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