I will do your ETSY Store or shop promotion for 5 Entire Days

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About This Gig

ETSY its the best site to everyone that wants to sell hand made crafted products.

The big issue is to sell any product since about 99% of the traffic are from Etsy sellers and its there where the BIG issue is to the majority of Etsy sellers.

So that's where my GIG is Awesome!

So i am here to help you out to get exposed like never before and with that you will increase your potential customers ORGANICALLY!!!


  • I will do your Etsy Store promotion to my Hyper active list of 300k Subscribers in the Crafts & Leisure Niche and additionally will also promote in the Social Media where we have great presence.

  • I Will Market your project for 5 entire DAYS!!

At that time your Etsy Store will be watched by thousands of users, so you will get your deserved exposure that you never received.

You can Monitor in your Store Analytics, the traffic normally will come from Facebook, Twitter and Google and also Direct Etsy Traffic.


This GIG does not guarantee any amount of traffic or any Sales, it will help you to get exposed.

ETSY Search Engine Optimization EXTRA!

If you need more exposure than this Extra is for you! I will optimize your listings TITLE and TAGS