I will assess your product from a young perspective

assess your product from a young perspective
assess your product from a young perspective
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About This Gig

Here is a scenario:

You're starting a business, product, service or event, but don't know the viability of your product due to unknown interest from a younger demographic. As a business-savvy, young adult (with experience as an investor and entrepreneur), I can offer insight into the interests of a younger demographic, as well as suggestions on how to make your service more appealing. I offer honest assessments, and don't sugarcoat or speak solely to the positives of your business. I wan't your business to improve!

When purchasing, you will submit your product/service, and will then receive:

  1. A Specific Evaluation (of one aspect of your product, which you seek improvement) of your product, brand, event or service.
  2. A PDF document (minimum 400 words), offering an analysis of one aspect of your business, with how it can be improved, along with insight on my perceived strengths and weaknesses of that aspect of your product.

Please contact me beforehand so that I may provide you with a price quote based on your business needs.

I don't offer legal advice, nor do I take any responsibility for your business decisions. I solely provide ideas regarding how I believe your service can best succeed.