I will proofread up to 1,000 words for $5

proofread up to 1,000 words
proofread up to 1,000 words

About This Gig

Do you have your essay finished and thought-out, but are afraid you've made grammatical errors? Do you love writing, but hate editing? I can help!

As a published short-story writer and a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's in English, I know the pains of revising, but in the process I've developed exemplary proofreading skills. 

I can proofread it for you not once, but three times, returning it in perfect English grammar. 

For just $5 I will:

  • correct spelling errors
  • correct syntax errors
  • correct punctuation errors
  • correct grammatical errors
  • adjust overall structure to make sure text reads fluently and coherently. In addition, I'll offer constructive criticism free of charge throughout the proofreading process.