I will over 400 Great Quality fb groups for $5

over 400 Great Quality fb groups
over 400 Great Quality fb groups

About This Gig

Have you tried any of the gigs here that promise human traffic but was disappointed and felt lied to? I present something to do it yourself.
I had a lot of requests to make a list of facebook money making groups that are public/open groups. After many months of gathering a great list, now I am now able to present this list in PDF format.  I also decided with creating this list to also filter out the groups that have the pinned posts as much as possible as I have found out from experience that posting your opportunities to facebook groups with pinned posts is not as effective for generating traffic as groups without pinned posts. With nearly all of the active groups in the list that are english speaking with millions of members, this list will certainly get you true human traffic to your offers.

This is a quality not quantity list that I will be updating regularly.

Have an awesome day!

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