I will provide newsletter sending results

provide newsletter sending results

About This Gig

Does you goal is just sending or even really go INBOX!

Avoid or Tired to play with Smtp, Platform, Api, Spf, Dkim, Dns??

In a few click i'll setup your needs..

***Please message me first before placing order ***

1) Setup everything

2) Provide variuos platform even developed by me for reliable, fast sending and tracking, bulk blast, ip, domain, subject and html bodies rotation.

3) Provide all the needed script to collect data(unsub, click, etc) and insert in your Databases

4) Provide all the tricks to really go into your prospect inboxes

5) Whitelisting/clean your lists

6) Build your reputation for huge sending with ease

7) Track silly person who mark your messages as spam instead of unsubscribing from your lists

8) Create professional responsive template in a few clicks

9) Teaching and supports with teamviewer..

10) Much much more..


I will deliver reliable, professional work that you can depend on

***Please message me first before placing order ***


with this knowledge you become independent, save lot of money/time and of course........
have mercy of your prospects..:-)