I will record your script in barack obamas voice

record your script in barack obamas voice
record your script in barack obamas voice
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bmayo75 14 days ago
Mychaelittah did a great job impersonating Obama. Well done!
Reviewed by iamlfo 18 days ago
Brilliant! Exactly as I wanted it...great job! 5 stars
Reviewed by masterskey about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bagelwagel about 2 months ago
Excellent work, we will have lots of fun with the recording!
Reviewed by pautioni about 2 months ago
Great enunciation, audio quality is unparalleled. A bit of issue with how Fiverr allows the review via a mobile phone, but used my desktop and everything was FIVE STAR upon review!
Reviewed by roguejet about 2 months ago
The order exceeded the deadline by a day but I'm very happy with the obama impersonation and would definitely recommend mychaelittah!
Reviewed by iansaldanha 3 months ago
Fantastic job. Spot on impressions! Thanks so much.
Reviewed by gendronlogan 4 months ago
this was fun I like hearing my company being endorsed by Barrack Obama Nice work thanks
Reviewed by ejoier 5 months ago
Bernie Sanders/Obama dialogue created as requested in 3 days. The voices are very good, I have used mychael for Obama spoofs 3 times. liam 724
Reviewed by liam724 5 months ago
Your Obama impersonation was spot on done with changes, and delivered within 3 days. thanks
Reviewed by liam724 7 months ago
Reviewed by dlkdlkdlk 7 months ago
Very happy with my order! Great process and product.
Reviewed by dbalzer 9 months ago
Great work...again!
Reviewed by roninwar 9 months ago
Great Job Man!!!
Reviewed by roninwar 10 months ago
Did a great job. Exactly what I was hoping for. I hope my students will enjoy it as much as i do.
Reviewed by ddunahee 10 months ago
Amazing job - super fast delivery and sounds exactly like Obama!
Reviewed by laurenbay 11 months ago
Outstanding voice over of Obama...!
Reviewed by abhojraj 11 months ago
This is perfect! Thank you Mr.President <3
Reviewed by joshdigangi about 1 year ago
record your script in barack obamas voice
record your script in barack obamas voice

About This Gig


I can do voice overs to read.

I can do impressions of Family Guy characters (Peter, Stewie, Joe and Cleveland) , Dr. Zoidberg (Futurama), President Barack Obama, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Optimus Prime, Morgan Freeman, Movie intro voices, etc. (Also feel free to request a voice)

 I can do many accents such as: British, American( southern, New york, etc), African, Irish, Scottish, South american, Jamaican, Russian, Canadian, etc. ( feel free to request an accent).

Quality studio recordings