I will write Sales Letter For You

write Sales Letter For You

About This Gig

Hi Buddy,

Can you please help me?

It has been over 3 years now that I have been studying, practicing copywriting outside Fiverr... 

 I have a written goal to establish my brand - MYCopyTeam  here on Fiverr before the end of this year - 2016..

But this will not be possible without moderate ratings - positive reviews  

That's why I want to make you an offer that will be a win-win for both of us.

You get good copy that will make you money or your money back

And I get positive feedback from you which will showcase my expertise here on Fiverr which is indeed more money and long-time clients for me.   

 Here is the offer:

I will write sales copy or any other form of salesmanship in print.

I can write:
Websites content, email letters, autoresponder series, landing pages, opt-in pages or squeeze pages, presales articles, VSL scripts, direct mail letter

I will write the copy no matter how much the volume and how complex it's...

I can help you re-engineer your Not-Working copy too. 

Remember! Your positive feedback is most important to me.
That's why I won't waste your time at all.  

Go ahead and click on the green "Order now" let's get started.


Order Details

2 days delivery

Write SALES Letter

Nothing left out. I will write as much as possible till sales will be possible.