I will send you 10 Rare Multi Coloured Rose Seeds

send you 10 Rare Multi Coloured Rose Seeds
send you 10 Rare Multi Coloured Rose Seeds

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Quantity: Approx 10 rose seeds

Colour: black & red & blue & purple & pink & rainbow

Beautiful rainbow colour rose seeds of high quality.

Tips ① Put seeds into 40° C water for 24 hours. ② Put seeds into very wet sands for germination. ( Generally it take more than 40 days. ) ③ Move it into soil after it sprouts.

Germination temperature: 20-25℃ Germination time: 40 days Growth optimum temperature: 10-25 ℃ Spacing: 20 * 20cm Rose on soil not ask for much, just with some humus soil aggregate structure be good training as long as the following three links will make good growth: Rose is afraid of: ① Rose is drought tolerant plants, but it is afraid floods. It is necessary use non-glazed bonsai pots of soil cultivation. The principle is "do not pour water on it when soil is not dry. Wet it completely when you pour water on soil." ② Lend a high concentration of fertilizer (especially fertilizers) will result in the death of local rot. ③ All plants need sunlight. Rose like sunshine too.


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10 Rare Multi Coloured Rose Seeds

You will receive 10 RARE Multi Coloured Rose Seeds by Royal Mail International Post.