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Description Resume Building Resume + 30 Min Consult Resume + 60 Min Consult
  Through a very meticulous process, we perfect your existing resume for the job you seek. BEST VALUE. We'll not only construct your resume, we'll also show you how (and why) we did it. We'll not only construct your resume, we'll also show you how (and why) we did it.
Edit & Rewrite
Seller will edit, rewrite and improve your resume/cover letter
Review & Critique
Seller will review your resume/cover letter in detail
Custom Design
Seller will provide a custom design for your resume/cover letter
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About This Gig

MyGovJob.org gets you in the Federal Government.

Through our proven strategies, we qualify your resume right into hiring manager's hands. We know the formula.

A combination of a few things that we can teach you. Between the two of us, we know the system, how to navigate it and how to leverage your network to get in and get ahead. 

"When" is really based on a number of factors, but ultimately is up to you and how much you're willing to do to increase your chances of getting in. As soon as a month, as long as many months. 

WHO? (Our Story)

A husband & wife team who were laid off in 2010 from our very lucrative private sector jobs, upset, we began looking for a government job for long term stability upon which we could build our family. And we got in. We both make six-figure incomes. But what's most important, is that we are willing to provide the blueprint to those who want to know how we did it. 

  • Navigate the Process
  • Learn to Build Your Own Government-Perfect Resume!
  • Learn Jobs That Fit Your Skills (i.e. a Salesperson Translates to What Role?)
  • Nuances of What You're Doing Right/Wrong
  • Dive Deep Into Overall Hiring Process
  • Screen-sharing
  • Learn the Golden Loophole

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you licensed?
    There aren't any licenses or certifications for assisting job applicants to enter the Federal Government. Therefore, we are unlicensed. But our strategies are proven.
  • What makes you different than a job coach?
    We educate our clients on the intricacies of the federal government hiring process. This process is very specific, tedious, and can be tricky for someone to go at it alone without expert assistance.
  • What makes you different than a resume writer?
    A resume writer is typically a generalist and specializes in word-smithing your resume to cast a wide net of private industry employers. Our process will do so for the government, but we apply a laser-focus tailoring of your resume ensuring you get the best possible outcome.
  • Do you REALLY know how to get me in the Federal Government?
    Yes! We are very well versed on the process of government recruitment, hiring and promotion. As stated, we have both done it ourselves and are working with others who are getting hired.