I will help you along your Soul Journey

help you along your Soul Journey

About This Gig

Feeling lost or stuck on your journey? Not sure where you should focus your energy? In need of a little direction, inspiration, or encouragement? Ask the Oracle. I will give you an Intuitive Oracle card reading from one of my favorite, eerily accurate oracle decks to help you along your way. What are you waiting for? Ask the Oracle today! This gig is for a one card reading. You will receive a picture of your card, the meaning of the card, and my intuitive summary along with any additional messages from Spirit via a typed Word Document that you can refer back to over, and over again. 

Do not ask the Oracle a yes or no question. Here are a few example questions: 

Where am I on my path?
What message does Spirit have for me?
What does my Soul want me to know?
Where should I focus my energy now?
What do I need to know about my relationship/job/partner?
What is the next right action that will help me progress along my journey?
What can I do to get unstuck?
How can I best serve the highest good in this situation?

*By law I must add that this gig is for entertainment purposes only. (wink)

Order Details

1 day delivery

One card Oracle reading to help you

You will receive your one page reading in Word document format with the image of your Oracle card.