I will deliver academic journal articles

deliver academic journal articles

About This Gig

This is NOT a writing gig. I will NOT write your paper for you. I will NOT publish your paper. This is for receiving .pdf files of published articles for research purposes. You must provide author name, title, and year of each paper OR a DOI. I will not research for you.

As a researcher, I have access to nearly every large journal database in the world. And I'm willing to share my access with you. Feel free to message me to determine if I can access a specific journal or article before ordering -- I want you to get your money's worth. 

Just you send me a list of DOIs or a citation (any professional format is acceptable) I will find the article and deliver to you the .pdf of it.

Each gig is worth up 10 articles, as that is the max number of file uploads! If your original list contains anything I cannot access, I will allow you to provide another list of author/titles/DOIs until I find ten I can access. The buyer is responsible for messaging prior to order to ensure I have access!  

** Please note that I am not claiming ownership of any of the articles requested/delivered. I am simply sharing my access.**

Order Details

1 day delivery

10 Articles

Up to 10 articles

  • Up to 10 Words
  • References & Citations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What journals can you access?
    Most any major American and European journals are accessible. I've delivered plenty of psychology and biology articles, though a few niche geographical science articles in some international and African journals have been hard to find. ASK FIRST if you have a niche topic.
  • What happens if you can't access all the articles?
    If you give me a list of DOIs and I can't access all 10, I will allow you to pick more for me to attempt. Alternatively, you can send me a list of however many DOIs and I'll move chronologically down the list until I access 10. If you don't give me more DOIs, I'll deliver whatever I can access.
  • Will you write my journal article/paper/essay?
    No. This gig is not for writing at all. Read the gig description or ask me if you have questions. THIS IS NOT A WRITING GIG.
  • Can I give you a topic and you'll find related articles?
    No. This is too subjective and I refuse to do it. You must send me a list defining the exact articles you want. List the author name, title, and year or provide a list of DOIs. If you are confused as to what this means, message me first.