I will record a meditation track for you

record a meditation track for you
record a meditation track for you

About This Gig

Hi there! Thanks for viewing my gig.

I have a soft, soothing voice which I like to use for meditation tracks, empowerment meditation, ASMR, hypnosis, visualization, and other uses. My accent is American with no discernible regional dialectal influences.

I offer guided meditation tracks to help you unwind after a long day and get to sleep, or to start your day with energy, empowerment, and goal-oriented motivation. If you have a script, I can read it for you; if you do not, I can both write and record your meditation track. Contact me about script writing before ordering.

My recordings are meant to help you relax -- that means I do my best to remove noises like lip smacking or background sounds. You'll get a clean, clear recording that is soothing and calming. If you like background noise, I'll add in white noise free of charge!

Meditation is very individualized. I prefer discussing your needs and timeline before beginning an order. As such, I prioritize custom orders before off-the-shelf orders. 

Each gig is 120 words.

Order Details

A moment of peace

120 words of your meditation track recorded in a soft and soothing tone!

4 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many words per minute?
    Between 80 and 120. Meditation tends to be slow and methodical, with longer pauses and softly spoken words. 120 words is about 1 minute, but this varies depending on style and your meditative needs.
  • How do I order a script?
    Script writing is available from me in a separate gig; message me to discuss it! For custom orders, I'll bundle the price of writing and recording, as it is often easier for me to record my own work than a foreign script. I like doing it as a separate gig so the script is approved before I record.
  • Are there any discounts available?
    Discounts may be available if you allow me to resell your work. I will discount your order in exchange for being able to market the track here on Fiverr, on my blog, and elsewhere. Discounts are by my discretion only and are generally granted to mainstream (generic rather than personalized) tracks.
  • How do commercial rights work?
    Purchasing commercial rights grants you the right to resell my work as you'd like. It means I will not resell or use the work as a sample on my blog, here on Fiverr, or elsewhere. Rights are $5 per 120 words and can be purchased via gig extras.
  • 7 days for delivery? WTF, I need a 5 minute recording, why 7 days?
    Meditation tracks require perfect silence to record due to weather (rain) or other environmental issues. I generally record and deliver as soon as I possibly can. 7 days also allows time for revisions to be made. Contact me for a custom offer with a custom turn around time.