I will record a voice over for you

record a voice over for you
record a voice over for you

About This Gig

I'm a native English speaking female with a neutral American accent. Unlike the majority of Americans, I love public speaking -- probably because I'm good at it. From bold and confident to a giggly school girl, or from a stern school teacher to a seductive whisper, I'll make my voice fit your needs!

I record on a LyxPro condenser microphone while utilizing a pop filter and sound-reducing recording box. I then edit the audio to remove errant noise, mistakes, and those pesky lip smacks that people (like me!) hate to hear. From there, my recordings (.wav or .mp3 -- your choice!) can be put in a video, mixed with background music, or enjoyed all by themselves.

This gig is for general recording; I may direct you to another one of my gigs based on your project. I offer voice work for:
-meditation (see other gigs)
-story reading
-phone systems (see other gigs)
-explainer videos (see other gigs)
-adult themes (see other gigs)

I prioritize all custom offers and orders discussed on messaging over off-the-shelf purchases. Message me before ordering to ensure I am the best choice for your project.

Order Details


75 words on any legal topic, spoken however you want and delivered in 24 hours!

  • Up to 75 Words
  • 1 Style
  • HQ Audio File
1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you record a free sample for me?
    No. I have plenty of samples of my various vocal stylings available here on Fiverr and on my blog. You can browse my voice over gigs or message me for the link to more samples, but I do not provide free and unique samples.
  • Why should I choose you instead of this other seller who is cheaper?
    I'm a native English speaker with plenty of recording and audio manipulation experience. I record on a LyxPro mic while using a pop filter (reduces /p/ and /b/ noise) and a sound-reducing box (less background noise). I edit each piece I record so it's higher quality. I'll record on any legal topic.
  • Why are revisions so expensive?
    Voice actors voices change from day to day. If I record your story on Tuesday and you want me to change something on Wednesday, it's likely I'll have to record the entire story again to make the audio seamless. If the error is my fault (mispronunciation, missed a word, etc.) it's generally free.
  • How do commercial rights work?
    Purchasing commercial rights grant you the freedom to claim the work as your own and sell it as you like. It means I will not post or sell it anywhere on my blog, Fiverr, or elsewhere. It costs $5 for 200 words of recording.