I will effectively Cut Your Etheric CORDS of Attachment


About This Gig

ABOUT ME: I am Zoe. I am a teacher and practitioner of energy healing and white magick. I can PRAY, MEDITATE and CAST EXTREMELY POWERFUL SPELLS. I was born with an exceptional gift, coming from my bloodline. I have been BLESSED with fortunetelling ABILITIES.


THE GIG: The reason why people CUT CORDS with others is to MOVE ON and LET GO of a person ENERGETICALLY. People form ENERGETIC BONDS that resemble CORDS OF ENERGY. These are known as ETHERIC CORDS. The bonding itself can be corded heavily in your CHAKRAS and shows your attachment, either mentally, emotionally, sexually, or all of the above. As a result, the person you are attached can DRAW UPON your ENERGY SUPPLY for his or her own needs, leaving you feeling tired and drained. In this GIG, I will CUT your ETHERIC CORDS of ATTACHMENT. As a result, your mind will be quieter, calmer and the EMOTIONS associated with a PARTICULAR PERSON will DISSOLVE.


*Make sure to check my other gigs and gig extras, for more extensive and specialized meditation techniques, prayers and spells.

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