I will meditate and Enter Someones DREAM


About This Gig

ABOUT ME: I am Zoe. I am a teacher and practitioner of energy healing and white magick. I can PRAY, MEDITATE and CAST EXTREMELY POWERFUL SPELLS. I was born with an exceptional gift, coming from my bloodline. I have been BLESSED with fortunetelling ABILITIES. GUARANTEED empathetic experience.


THE GIG: DREAMS provide the PRIMARY experiential EVIDENCE for the EXISTENCE and IMPORTANCE of "an unseen SPIRITUAL WORLD." What goes into creating DREAMS is a subject of GREAT INTEREST to almost everyone. DREAMS almost always gravitate to these MORE MEANINGFUL QUESTIONS: Who am I?, What am I doing here?, What ought I to be doing with my life?, What are my responsibilities to other people? What are my higher values beyond my self-interest? In this GIG, I will MEDITATE DEEPLY and ENTER the DREAM of someone so, HE or SHE can see YOU or SOMEONE YOU CHOOSE and I will CONVEY a MESSAGE for YOU.


*Make sure to check my other gigs and gig extras, for more extensive and specialized meditation techniques, prayers and spells.

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