I will activate you with 1 Psychic Ability, Telepathy or Channeling

activate you with 1 Psychic Ability, Telepathy or Channeling

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Description Mo's 3 Psychic Abilities Activation Mo's 7 Psychic Abilities Activation Mo's Full Psy Abilities Activation
  A written Psychic Abilities Activation session that installs the programs for 3 psychic abilities. A written Psychic Abilities Activation session that installs the programs for 7 psychic abilities. A written Psychic Abilities Activation session that installs the programs for 13 psychic abilities.
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About This Gig

I am Malina Havard, I wrote the programs for 13 individual psychic abilities when I came to function differently, so quickly, myself.  I had to learn and adapt to a whole new way of being psychic, because I made further levels of progress on my own Spiritual path.  I was told to send everything that I do out through Universe, in a statement of intent, and that from there, Universe would carry it out.  I made a new Spiritual session out of this entire process, and it was written to work for others, without miss, without falter, or failure.  These sessions are called Activations.  I can send out ALL of what I know, who I hold connection with, & can bring others to where I can access and travel to, myself, in an EXTREMELY INTERACTIVE method.  This is MUCH MORE THAN AN ENERGY EXCHANGE.  It's providing everyone with a hands-on look into what being psychic IS.  I deliver results, progress and growth in the Spiritual industry to anyone who wishes to receive these sessions and can customize sessions for your needs.  By the way, it's permanent.  Allow 3 months after the session and your body will just begin to reach it and read it.  Choose from TELEPATHY OR CHANNELING. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I purchased the Activation for an ability, I felt sensations when I stated the intention to run the session, then nothing else happened.
    The services that I developed are aligned at a much higher frequency and with the pure intent of the beings I work with on a regular basis, starting at Archangel Michael and up. Universe is beyond the range of Earthly alignment. If you had any other work done by others, it can get in the way.
  • What alignment or frequency do your services hold that are in contrast to every other Spiritual practitioner's services?
    I work through 4 different levels of consciousness, Earthly, Cosmic, Universal, and Divine levels of awareness, and I closely work with the beings from the 5 higher planes of existence and multidimensional beings. Earthly aligned practice & method do tend to block these services; reach for higher!
  • Alright, Malina, the worst has happened! I waited the minimum 3 months. No ability. What do I do now?
    It's actually very simple. If you have had some Spiritual method or work done, deny it & remove it by stating aloud the intent to do so, and rerun the Activation session as a test. If you experience sensation from the session, you've removed the source of the blockage. If not, keep trying.
  • Is this written Activation session a one-time use?
    Absolutely not. It's yours. That written statement of intent is my signal to Universe to deliver to you, the named recipient, and it will ONLY work for you, but you can rerun the session over and over and over again, until you are certain you received all that Universe sent you!
  • Where are these Mo Activations coming from? What is the source of them, that they hold higher alignment than that of Earth?
    I work with 2 different teams of guides, a healing team, and a lottery helper team, these teams consist of Archangels, Ascendeds, Mythical creatures & magical beings as well as Divine Beings, including God. I'm aligned with these beings so I intend & Universe, Cosmos, Divinity delivers.
  • So, what is it that makes these Activations work without fail?
    God's Divine intent, purity, Love & Light for humanity, for mankind, as well as the want of Spiritual awakening and awareness for as many as possible, so these higher beings can work with as many of us, guiding and teaching us, expanding us, aligning us as higher beings so we can improve our lives.
  • So, why do you say the Activations work without fail, but they have an exception to that rule? What is that exception?
    Anything that touches your field, your being, any Spiritual service that you have done that alters your belief system or that holds a lower intent & has LESS THAN pure & positive alignment with God's own will, intent, plan and purpose for the recipient's life can anchor you, blocks this service.