I will install 640 shields into your being for protection

install 640 shields into your being for protection

About This Gig

There will be cords sought after, tracked and removed, I've even been known to bring in the Archangels, themselves, to help with this, when it was needed.  Less than pure intent from OTHERS can cause these cords to exist, and they are there for many reasons, but they aren't allowing the one being who has been bound their own free will choice and that's when it turns negative.  You NEVER overstep someone else's free will choice, ever.  God won't intervene into our lives, in most cases, because it is up to us how we proceed, we were fully given our expression of free will choice, choice of what we do, how we do it and He won't override that, so Spiritual beings who are aligned with Him, as well as Spiritual practitioners are not supposed to, either!  EVER!   

I will also install 640+ shields to protect you from further trespass, and increase your own level of alignment, so you are brought beyond that of lower beings who hold lower intent for you.

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