I will answer one tarot question

answer one tarot question
answer one tarot question
answer one tarot question

About This Gig


I will do a reading to answer a Tarot question of your choice. The Tarot works best with open-ended, rather than yes/no, questions--there are no yes/no cards in the Tarot, only powerful insight into different paths. Examples of good Tarot questions:

* What is likely to happen if I choose option A vs. option B, and vice versa?

* If I continue on this path what is the likely outcome?

* What do I need to know about a particular situation?

* What is blocking me from achieving a particular goal?

By asking questions in this way, you will get the  most valuable advice from the cards. I am happy to work with you in advance of your order to ask your question in the most powerful way! I spend over an hour on these doing the reading and write-up and take the work very seriously, and do not give typically simplistic black/white answers. The Tarot is all about free will and my readings reflect all the alternatives available to you. 

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1 day delivery

One-question Tarot reading

Personalized video of cards and my interpretation.

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