I will cast a law of Attraction Spell specifically for you

cast a law of Attraction Spell specifically for you

About This Gig

The Law of attraction pertains to the idea of positive thinking and keeping that positive energy inside yourself to then attract more positive wants and desires towards yourself. This spell helps boost your chakra and that positivity in your inner self so that you can not only maintain elevated levels of energy and affirmative self being but also provides a stronger connection between you and the thing you desire. It is a mixture of constructive visualization on my part to ensure that you get exactly what you are focused on.

All that’s required on your side is a picture of the thing, quest, person, goal you would like to achieve and to have it taped to a mirror, that way when you are reflecting on it and on that positive energy I will be sending your way then that positivity will be reflected back at you and open up a loop of continual energy and level lifting chakra. On my end you will need to describe what it is you want as well so that when I cast the spell it can be read out for three days.

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3 days delivery