I will do a clairvoyant psychic reading

do a clairvoyant psychic reading

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Description Rose Reading Aura Reading Energetic Healing
  Uses the symbol of a rose to look at your path and past lives. Rose reading + seven layer reading of aura looking at the energy in your space. Rose reading + aura reading + energetic healing to clear energy that is not yours from your space.
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About This Gig

Rose Reading

A rose reading is a good way to see where you are right now in your life. You will receive a custom digital picture of your "rose" as well as a written description of the reading which includes looking at two past lives that are affecting you in present time.

Aura Reading

An aura reading gives you a good idea of what energy is in your space. You will receive a custom digital picture of the colors of each layer of the aura as well as a description of the energy in every layer.

Energetic Healing

Using clairvoyant abilities I will look at your space and clear energy that is ready to release. This is a great addition to the previous readings as it will clear your space and allow more room for you. With more of you in your space you will be able to take that next step on your path.