I will help you for your Arduino projects by writing sketches

help you for your Arduino projects by writing sketches

About This Gig

I'm experienced Arduino Programmer. I have done a lot of project by using Arduino Boards and different types of sensor modules as well as shields. If you have an idea about a new electronic invention or if you thinking about something new product and deciding to use Arduino or Micro controllers for that project, I can help you by writing codes(sketches) and designing the circuit diagram.

I can program any types of Arduino boards. such as,
*Arduino UNO
*Arduino MEGA
*Arduino NANO
*Arduino PRO MINI
*Arduino MICRO

As well as I have worked with different types of sensor modules. such as,
*Ultrasonic Sensor
*IR Sensor
*PIR Sensor
*Temperature Sensor
*Flame Sensor

and different Output Devices. Such as,
*16x2 LCD Display
*Seven Segment Display
*Relay Module
*Motors (Servo, Brushed, Brush less, Stepper, Gear)
*LED Matrix

*Motor Shields
*SD Card Shield
*GSM/GPRS Shield
*X-Bee Shield
*Ethernet Shield

Other Modules :-
*Bluetooth Module
*RF Transmitter And Receiver

Therefore I can help you to do your project success.
You can Contact me and share your project idea and other project details. Then I will help you!

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