I will professionally edit 5 of your photos

professionally edit 5 of your photos

About This Gig

"I recently had a photo shoot for myself and the photos delivered were absolutely awful. It cost me £200 for 6 un-edited images. Weeks later,  it still saddned me that people thought that -THAT was what quality photography and editing was supposed to look like when I know it can be done to a much better standard..
For that reason, I’m setting up shop for a fraction of what I’d normally charge, to help everyone be able to have beautiful images rather than having to ruin the quality by attempting to edit images by themselves.. " -Nadine B

Often when people take photos in Jpeg format, the camera automatically compresses the pixels in-camera which creates a horrible orange skin tone and changes the colour of hair. It's very hard to change the skin colour once the pixels have already been compressed - The hard part is to maintain the image quality.

In addition to that I take away any imperfections, make the skin colour more natural and realistic and I can also smooth skin and make eyes look sharper.

Finally, I can create stunning black and white images and ensure that the image quality you deliver stays the same throughout.

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