I will tell you the truth about your text conversations

tell you the truth about your text conversations

About This Gig

You are having text conversations that always seem to be unclear or leave you feeling uncertain about the true meaning behind what the other person is trying to say.

Whether it's a friend, a romantic interest, your partner, or a colleague....you need a second opinion about the hidden messages they are trying to send you.

I will help you read between the lines. I will offer you different possibilities of what it might mean, and tell you my brutally honest opinion as an outsider looking in.

You should gain a new insight into your conversations, and you will have more clarity about how to communicate in the next conversations in order to avoid the guesswork.

I am a trained life coach and my passion is to help people have successful relationships.

I am here to help you improve the communication and understand those on-line messages that are often so difficult to interpret.

I am so excited to work with you and help you understand and gain clarity on those mysterious conversations that leave you feeling uneasy.


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I will analyze your on-line or text message conversation and explain the true meaning behind it.

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions