I will scan 5 websites for SEO and html Problems fast

scan 5 websites for SEO and html Problems fast

About This Gig

I will scan up to 5 websites for the following errors and provide you a full audit report just like the search engine Bots will spider or crawl your website.

1-SEO problems

2-Html markup problems

3-perfomance problems

4-Mistakes in standards

I will scan up to 20,000 pages but recommend you do 200 pages to get something manageable to work with. The report will be delivered to you with recommendations on what to fix.

For those who are technical, contact me and I can provide you the scanner tool.

Examples of problems can be found below. An additional scan can be done for free after you have fixed the issues.

invalid markup.
The tag does not have an ALT attribute defined.
unnecessary redirects.
multiple canonical formats.
multiple tags.
description is missing.
title begins with a brand name.
The link text is not relevant.
The title is missing.
double redirection.
The title is too long.
The page contains a large amount of script code.
refresh instead of redirection.
File is Missing

note: if you need hacker testing, check my other gig: http://www.fiverr.com/nadkabbani/hack-your-website-to-find-security-vulnerabilities

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