I will give you a review of your natal chart

give you a review of your natal chart

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The natal chart is a diagram where; if you know how to interpret it, you can know yourself as how you’re destined to be by the calculation of the positions of the stars surrounding your birth place and time, the natal chart allows us to understand ourselves, find out who we are, know our abilities as well as our weaknesses and negative qualities, it tells us: how we are in the following points:

  1. Work
  2. Social mask
  3. Intellect/study
  4. Intuition
  5. Ego
  6. Fighting
  7. Destiny
  8. Love
  9. Changes
  10. Subconscious
  11. Imagination/cosmic consciousness
  12. Independence
  13. How masculine/feminine

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natal chart

I'll review your natal chart in 13 points, every aspect of your life.

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