I will make you a Celtic Knot Soap

make you a Celtic Knot Soap

About This Gig

I'll create you a Celtic knot soap in any shape or color you'd like, the scents you can pick from are Cinnamon,Vanilla,Rosemary,Jasmine,Lemon,Clove,Frankincense,Pine,Sandalwood,Cedar-wood,Peppermint.

Order Details

Celtic Knot Soap

To make you your own Celtic knot soap.

4 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whats it made out of?
    Honey Soap Base with shea butter added
  • How do you package the soap?
    In flat rate boxes or envelopes.
  • Why is shipping so much?
    Because that's what the post office charges for flat rate shipping, there's nothing we can do to make it more cheap,sorry!