I will make your own zodiac soap

make your own zodiac soap

About This Gig

Zodiac shaped soap,currents scents. Cinnamon,vanilla,frankincense, pine,cedar-wood,sandalwood,Rosemary,Jasmine,Lemon and Clove. All items are homemade out of shea butter soap base or honey soap base.I can make it in a variety of colors as well, you choose the color you'd like.

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Zodiac Soap

Zodiac shape soaps with a special scent that you want, Cinnamon, Vanilla,Frankincense,rosemary,etc

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the soap made out of?
    Shea Butter and or Honey Soap Base, no added chemicals.
  • What Zodiac Shapes do you have?
    All in the USA Horoscope version.
  • What do you put in the soap for scent?
    I put essence oils, these are 100% natural so shouldn't have any harmful effects.